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Team Squirt – Riley Rubs It Til It Squirts

Oh fuck...I'm a brunette but I love redheads, especially the auburn haired babes like Riley here. I like Riley a lot too. I used to have a boyfriend that I would watch porn with and this girl just loves to fuck. Some girls you can tell aren't into it, and that's not hot at all. Riley is, and you can see it in her videos at Team Squirt. She rubs her pussy with vigor and it gushes over and over again. She squirts alone and with (and on!) they guys she fucks. Definitely check this video out and the rest of her stuff at Team Squirt :)

Sierra Sin Squirts A Gallon

Sierra Sin from Squirtalicious

Get a load of this petite squirting cutie and her dripping wet pussy! I have seen Sierra Sin in quite a few squirting sets, but this one is great. She rides a huge black cock until she is squirting everywhere and has multiple orgasms. She completely SOAKS this monster cock with her juices. These are pictures from the video clip and there's a link to see more. Hope you guys like it! Let me know if you like the embedded squirting videos, the picture galleries, or the links to offsite galleries best. Thanks! Squirt Girl

Tina From See Her Squirt Flash Video Clip

Oh god, this girl for whatever reason made my pussy wet earlier when I was checking out her videos on See Her Squirt. She's leggy and pretty and seems very into her orgasms both with the guy and alone. She's SUPER hot when masturbating, but when she soaks this guy's dick with her pussy juice, oh god...I had to get myself off too. They say on the site this is the first time Tina has ever squirted, but I don't know about that. She seems like an expert to me...

Patience In a Squirt Bukkake Orgy

Patience from Squirt Bukkake

I was just surfing around looking for female ejaculation videos and found this site, Squirt Bukkake. If you're into the more extreme orgy stuff and like to watch girls squirting, well then look no further! If you're not familiar, the term 'bukkake ' is Japanese and is used to refer to a large group of men cumming on a girl's face en masse. It's kind of gross, but hey, whatever gets you off! This isn't nearly as gross to me as the thought of 50 guys all cumming on my face, but it's still not high on my fantasy list. Still, it's squirting and it's free so check it out! The videos are decent enough and the site has a lot of other videos so have a look :)

Lexi and Ziggy’s Squirt Orgy

Lexi and Ziggy from See Her Squirt

Not only do we have one sexy teen squirter here, but we have TWO. This is a picture set I found of a full video and pic series from See Her Squirt. I've had a girl crush on Lexi since I first saw her in a video awhile back. She's such a cutie, but I never knew she could ejaculate like this! When Lexi and Ziggy get together, these two hotties almost drown this guy and each other in their cum! If my boyfriend wasn't at work I'd attack him right now, but he's not so I'm going to set my vibrator on stun and finish watching the movies from this one!